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Why a Pleasure Consultation?

When it comes to pleasure products, we are fortunate to live in a time where there is a vast market out there for all bodies, genders, and pleasure types. So vast in fact, one of the biggest challenges folks face when venturing out to find products to support their pleasure practice, is knowing where to start. 

There are so many questions we often have, about what platforms to search for, what brands are reliable, and ultimately, what toys do what and which ones will best suit our bodies and our unique pleasure. 

Let's be real, sex toys and pleasure products are damn expensive, so we often aren't ready to invest in something unless we know it's going to work for us. But if we don't know what will work, we stay stuck in the same loop of perusing sex toy shops online at midnight, looking at all the products available, getting overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, by choice, and then closing our browser and going back to scrolling our social media feeds.  

What if you had someone to bring all your questions to? What if it's okay to simply not know where to start?

What is a Pleasure Consultation?

A Pleasure Consultation is a safe, confidential container designed to offer you the resources you need along your journey to enhance your pleasure and your relationship to your sexual body. 

In a one-on-one live virtual consultation, I will hold space for you to ask all of the questions about pleasure products, and how to come into familiarity with your pleasure in a loving way, that have been living in your body. Then, I will support you in connecting with products that will align with your needs/desires. 

Whether you're brand new to sex toys and pleasure products, have dabbled but maybe not found the right items just yet, have tried all the things on the market and want to expand your collection, or are simply just curious, I will welcome you to share whatever feels present for you, and help you navigate the vast world of pleasure products with a curated resource list and toolbox that best suit your needs. 

Why me?

For starters, I am extremely passionate about talking about sex. 

It is so difficult to find spaces where we can be completely real and unfiltered in asking questions and getting curious about our sexuality. I want to be that space for you. 

A bit about me:

I have years of experience as a frontline support worker in the realm of gender advocacy and sexual wellness. My work and experience specializes in supporting queer and gender-diverse people, sex workers, neurodivergent folks and those that live with disabilities, people that use substances, and survivors of sexual violence and sexual trauma.  

My work as a one-on-one support worker aims to permission the re-centering of pleasure and safety in the body, for folks of all identities, genders, and experiences. You deserve to feel safe, and you deserve to feel good. 

I am also a sex educator and sexuality writer, and have worked in collaboration with some of the largest platforms for sex toys and pleasure products internationally. Let's just say I've done my fair share of research in this area, and continue to stay up-to-date on what's out there, what's available, what platforms are best for what products/purposes, and which products/brands are reliable. I also aim to prioritize small businesses, and queer and femme operated platforms offering ethically made products. 

I can offer exclusive discount codes and accessible rates on products from my connections with a vast array of sexuality brands, which means I am able to offer informed, unbiased advice and connect you with what's best for you without trying to sell you anything. 

Think of me as a sex toy Doula. 

book a Pleasure Consultation

$75-$110 (sliding scale)

  • 30min confidential virtual consultation 
  • resource + reading list
  • discount codes

$200-$250 (sliding scale)

  • 3 consecutive virtual meetings package
  • access to live chat + ongoing support
  • resource + reading list
  • discount codes

**prices are in AUD


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