Current Projects:

my body is an orchard will take the form of a collection of original poetry written during my time as a steward of the land in northern California during the summer of 2022, in reflection of the ways my body gives and receives, serves and is served, heals and is healed, by the land, by love, by violence, and by the people I come into contact with.

to pre-order, follow the link below and make a donation there with your name and address in the message. 

Taylor Neal x Bonjibon: A Sexual Unraveling 

Bonjibon is excited to announce a new collaboration with Taylor Neal called A Sexual Unravelling. Unraveling will be an image-based inquiry into the inimitable intimate moments in our lives. Through photography sessions with subjects who want to explore their sensuality and sexuality, Taylor will endeavor to co-create art with their photography subjects that honours those precious moments.

To learn more and apply, click here!


Back to the Basics: Consent is Embodied

What I’ve noticed across sexuality discourse/pleasure-focused media, and equally throughout general society and conversation, is that our world is becoming a much more sex positive place in many ways, and it’s beautiful to see this sexual renaissance happening in real time, to witness the unfurling of stigmatized pleasure and sexualities, to watch as humans of all identities begin to speak out on their experiences and strive toward building a more sexually well and educated culture. It truly is

There is So Much Love in Friendships: A Peak at Platonic Intimacy from the Realities of VanLife

For the past six months, I have been living in my 1997 Ford Econoline van with my best friend, exploring the West Coast of Canada and then making our way down into the United States. The van, which my roommate and I bought, fixed up and renovated ourselves, has become a safe container, our home on wheels, and within it some of the most beautiful intimacy I have ever experienced has been able to bloom. Intimacy, however, of the platonic kind. Intimacy in the context of friendship. Intimacy that o

How Dating Apps Uncovered my Demisexuality

I have always thought of myself as quite an allosexual, sexual in general, human. I love sex, and I love experiencing and creating new sexual experiences with a wide variety of different partners. I love the exploration, the deepening of my relationship to my own body as well as my ability to relate to, and understand, the bodies and experiences of others through sex, and this had lead me through a rather diverse, emotional sexual development. As a sexually relational being, I identify as poly

Community in Bleeding - Vancouver's Period Pantry • What's On Queer Magazine

Have you ever noticed those little free library boxes scattered throughout the neighbourhoods as you meander the residential streets of Vancouver? These sweet, often home-made little libraries offer a chance to cultivate anti-consumerist community through the sharing and exchanging of literature, to make books and reading accessible to all without expectation of anything in return, and to recognize our shared desire to feel connected to one another on common ground – the street. People peep thei