photo by Eleni Nikoletsos @helloauraphoto

who's she?

Taylor Neal (They/She) is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, writer, sex educator, frontline worker, and yoga/dance instructor, who uses creation and multimedia to gain deeper understandings of authentic human experience as mirrored by land and nature.

Practically, Taylor combines their background in dance and performance, their passion for the written word, and their curiosity within contemporary visual art and photography, with their studies in Communications, Art History, Feminist Theory and Design for Theatre at Concordia University, and Fashion Design at RMIT University.

Their cumulative artistic, somatic, and literary practice comes together as a holistic exploration of identity, movement, sexuality, and how the embodied subject navigates space and the natural world.

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I am always seeking new connections with like-minded folks. If my work resonates with you, reach out! I'd love to hear from you.

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