an exploration of free beauty;

the experience of beauty rests on harmony, or free play, of the faculties of imagination and understanding, punctuated by pleasure, and without concept. 

(Kant; §9, 5:217-9; 102-4).


artist's statement

There is sensuality to be found in every moment, in everything we do. As humans, we experience the world through the senses, therefore we are innately sensual beings. Often, however, in the world we live in, we move too quickly, and spend too much time in our heads and our minds, forgetting to live in our bodies enough to feel connected and present in the movements we make that end up telling the story of our lives. Forgetting to tap into our sensuality. With my art, both visual and verbal, I strive to slow this journey down. I strive to capture these moments, the raw, natural, organic everyday moments created as humans go about living life and translate them through art that begs its viewer to reconnect with their body and innate sensuality.

Shooting analog photography, my primary medium of choice, allows me to capture the delicate ephemerality of life being lived in real time through light. Analog is intimate, delicate, and demands intention and focus. The outcome exists at the mercy of the photographer's hands, and in this way is subject to human imperfection, holding here the most virtuous of beauty. Light, the thing that enables the sense that allows us to experience art.

Light captured, moment frozen, senses activated, my cumulative artistic practice comes together as a holistic exploration of identity, movement, sexuality, and how the embodied subject navigates space and the natural world.


"Shooting with Taylor was seamless. We had a virtual debrief prior to shooting to discuss different ideas and concepts we were hoping to approach on the day of the shoot. Taylor was generous with her time around plans, location choices as well as finalizing wardrobe with me. This all resulted in being well prepared for the shoot day. Taylor is very easy and warm to work with, the photo results were breathtaking and the overall experience was rather magical. 

There’s something to be said for a photographer who works with film in our ever changing, fast paced world of instant gratification, something incredibly real that also needs to be mentioned. A rare gift in a virtual world! The shoot felt like medicine for the soul. A+++, 5 gold stars. Thank you for everything."

- Jolene Ewes

"Inviting someone in to your home for a boudoir shoot can feel quite intimidating, but Taylor was nothing short of a dream. 

Their easygoing and professional style made for a very safe and comfortable environment.

I decided to work with Taylor because I knew that their passion for photography and creative eye would result in great photos - and boy did they deliver."

- Dahlia

"Working with Taylor was an absolute dream. I have NEVER liked how I look in photos and always feel dumb when having my photos intentionally taken, but I tell you what, working with Taylor was deeply healing. I felt safe to be seen. Her energy was warm and accepting of me, all of me and all that I wanted to share. She didn't push me to pose in awkward ways but she did read my energy and empowered me with collaborative suggestions which helped me feel confident about being in my body while simultaneously being photographed. 

I have never felt more connected to my essence while performing, it didn't feel rehearsed but it was perfect all the same. And the results? The pictures taken by Taylor are my most beloved images of self ever captured. 

If you want the pics but worry about the process this is your confirmation it's safe to jump, Taylor will catch you."

- Bri Aberdeen

shoot with me!

I am always looking for like-minded creatives to collaborate with. If my work resonates with you, or you'd like to explore the experience of presenting in front of a camera, I would be honoured to communicate! I recognize the vulnerability inherent in trusting someone with capturing your image, it's scary! I want to ensure the upmost respect for your vision and voice as we create together.

To inquire about booking/rates, send me an email outlining your inspirations and ideas. I offer sliding scale pricing to broaden accessibility as much as possible. I hope to work with folks of all races, ages and genders on personal journeys of self exploration, and I'll be happy to work within your means if our values align!

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