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My Body Is An Orchard

By Taylor Neal, edited by Em Keeler

My Body Is An Orchard takes the form of a collection of original poetry written during my time as a steward of the land in northern California during the summer of 2022, in reflection of the ways my body gives and receives, serves and is served, heals and is healed, by the land, by love, by violence, and by the souls with whom I move through contact.


When the Pussy Says No: On Vaginismus, Tension & Trauma

Quite often, when anything doesn’t work the way we want it to in relation to sex and our bodies, the first response we feel is an enormous amount of shame.

Whether it’s with a partner, solo, or even with a doctor, if there’s something we feel is unusual going on with our sexual body; our genitals and our ability to have the sex we feel we should be able to have, we immediately feel as though we are broken, in a different way than we do with any other part of our body.

If we sprain an ankle or

On Trauma and Mirrors: Confronting Our Reflections

"If you find yourself continuously triggered and in pain each time you look in the mirror, here’s a very simple suggestion: remove the mirrors."

Growing up as a dancer, I spent copious amounts of time in spaces with floor to ceiling mirrors lining the walls on a daily basis, surrounded by my peers, forced to be in continuous confrontation with my reflection through the tender days of adolescence and pubescent hormonal influx.

Born and raised as a girl, it is impossible to spend this much time

How Dating Apps Uncovered my Demisexuality

I have always thought of myself as quite an allosexual, sexual in general, human.

I love sex, and I love experiencing and creating new sexual experiences with a wide variety of different partners. I love the exploration, the deepening of my relationship to my own body as well as my ability to relate to, and understand, the bodies and experiences of others through sex, and this had lead me through a rather diverse, emotional sexual development.

As a sexually relational being, I identify as poly

Back to the Basics: Consent is Embodied

What I’ve noticed across sexuality discourse/pleasure-focused media, and equally throughout general society and conversation, is that our world is becoming a much more sex positive place in many ways, and it’s beautiful to see this sexual renaissance happening in real time, to witness the unfurling of stigmatized pleasure and sexualities, to watch as humans of all identities begin to speak out on their experiences and strive toward building a more sexually well and educated culture. It truly is

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